The Budding Luck of the Irish

The past 168 hours for the Boston Celtics has been nothing less than hectic. It started off with an emotional game seven taking down John Wall and the Wizards fueled by a once in a lifetime performance by Kelly “The Klynk” Olynk. Seriously, I think Olynk drank five “Secret Stuff” bottles from Space Jam before the game because he’s rarely shown any signs he is capable of games of that magnitude.

The game seven victory was followed by landing the number one pick in this year’s loaded draft due to a horrendous trade with the Nets back in 2013. The trade looked like a win-win for both sides, but what the Nets received were washed up versions of two legends that was a vanquished project after one year. Meanwhile, the Celtics earn the one seed and make their first Conference Finals since 2012 while the team with the worst record in basketball has the 27th pick. Yikes. In hindsight, it would’ve been nice for the Nets if the Celtics had a President who was willing to leak vital information to Russian leadership with no regard for the consequences.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Phoenix Suns

Then come the Eastern Conference Finals. Coming off of a great series win you would expect the Celtics to play with some fire and be looking to prove their one seed wasn’t a fluke. The Cavs proceeded to absolutely wax them at TD Garden with a combined score of 247-190 over two games. It’s unfair at this point.  A series that should feature one of the best matchups in the league has proven once again that LeBron could play left handed, blindfolded, with his shoelaces tied together and still continue to dominate this conference until he’s 50. Now that Isaiah Thomas is out for the rest of the series, the Celtics might as well show up to Quicken Loans Arena in all black for their own funeral.

The week is coming to an end just as the Celtics get ready for their last hurrah of the 2016-17 season. The third week of May 2017 will define this storied franchise’s short term future. A solid foundation is being built headed by Brad Stevens, but this summer could take them one step closer to ending LeBron’s East reign. Most signs are pointing to taking Markelle Fultz with the number one pick. But, who knows? Maybe the C’s will trade that pick for someone like Jimmy Butler or maybe they’ll reunite Gordon Hayward with his college coach during free agency by honing in on the highly touted free agent come July 1. Whatever the answer is the grass is looking a little greener on the other side.

Well, after the clock hits zero on Tuesday Thursday at least.

EDIT Post Game 3: WELP

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