Five Necessary Songs For Your Summer Playlist

Summer is officially here. The days are longer, the nights warmer, and driving with your windows down is a necessity. This season also brings some of the best music of the year. So far this summer has had a plethora of solid releases, but these are the songs you need to have on your summer playlist.


Brian Fresco – Higher (feat. Chance The Rapper & Blue Hawaii)


For starting your Friday night

Chance The Rapper has owned Summer 2016. His critically acclaimed third mixtape, Coloring Book, dropped in May after a long three year hiatus, and his SaveMoney collective is blossoming more than ever. Brian Fresco, a SaveMoney member, has been quietly building his repertoire recently, but has found his breakthrough with the Chance and Blue Hawaii assisted track “Higher”. A catchy hook, solid production, and a fresh voice, “Higher” is a testimony to SaveMoney’s diversity.


Sean Paul – Temperature (The Knocks Remix)


For weekend primetime

The Knocks again have a summer hit on their hands after 2015’s breakthrough single “Classic”. While “Classic” was an original production, The Knocks decided to put their own unique spin on the 2006 classic (pun intended), “Temperature” by Sean Paul. This remix is as infections as it is nostalgic, mixing the sound of the mid 2000s with modern downtempo. It’s hard not to dance when this song comes on.


Cannons – Call You Out


For late night cruising

Cannons is an indie-electro band out of LA that popped up on my radar a few weeks ago. Their latest release, “Call You Out”, has a trance like feel to it that is perfect for late night summer drives. It captivates you to a hypnotic state to lose your thoughts and enjoy the summer breeze on your skin.


Jon Bellion – Morning In America


For feeling good in the sun

A few months ago I wrote an article about Jon Bellion and why he restored my faith in music. Since then he has released his debut album The Human Condition to positive reviews and reaching number five on the Billboard charts. There were many standouts on the album, but none more so to me than “Morning In America”. Bellion sings about growing pains and dealing with problems. The main message is that it is OK to have problems and you are not alone. Free your mind when this song plays through your speakers.


William Bolton – Dreaming at Night (feat. Dillon Ashton)


For a day at the beach

William Bolton is a young artist from Detroit who sounds nothing like where he is from. When I think of Detroit music I think of Eminem, Stevie Wonder and Danny Brown. Bolton sounds like a southern California kid who is perfectly content on where he is at in life, not someone who grew up in the midwest. “Dreaming at Night” is another example of Bolton embracing his lifestyle as a care free kid.


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